Tatiana Trosheva is a multidisciplinary designer with over 7 years of experience who creates beautiful and impactful interfaces. Currently at TikTok, leading LIVE Trust & Safety.

01 TikTok

LIVE Web — Introducing basic safety tools for the web app

I designed and launched a set of Trust and Safety features for the TikTok LIVE web app. LIVE hosts now have the ability to mute, block, manage lists, and assign and manage moderators from web. Additionally, LIVE moderators can now moderate on the web app to assist the host. We also created education prompts for both roles.

02 TikTok

Account Security — Enhancing User Authentication Experience with Passkeys for iOS

Passkeys are a highly secure and user-friendly method of authentication. I designed and launched the feature for TikTok app on iOS. Passkeys have gained high user trust and are one of the most successful authentication methods in the app. To use this feature, users need to enable it in their account settings, accept the terms, and sign in using the iOS native prompt. The passkey will be created immediately.

03 TikTok

2-step verification — Redesigning the flow to improve the usage of the verification method

To ensure that users maximize the benefits of 2-step verification, an industry-wide authentication standard, our team dedicated time to redesigning the flow. This redesign aimed to make the 2SV sign-up process faster and simpler. The updated version of the flow is now accessible in the TikTok app.

04 Plays.tv

Plays.tv client — Improving the Windows app UI by adding new features

Plays.tv is a recording tool designed for gamers and esports teams. I modernized and redeveloped the UI/UX of the Plays.tv Windows App. I updated alert banners, improved the appearance of headers, updated the copy, drop-downs, buttons, and colors to ensure UI uniformity. Additionally, I enhanced the 'timeline', chat, and upload features to create a visually appealing and user-friendly app that enhances the gaming experience.

05 Plays.tv

Plays.tv Mobile — Building a mobile app for watching and sharing game content

As the sole designer working on the project, I was responsible for building most of the app's functions from the ground up. Despite the tight deadline, I managed to create and launch an MVP of a fully functional app, which included features such as a timeline feed, video and screenshots detail (aka object) pages, content sharing, and uploading capabilities.

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